RethinkDB on Heroku

This doc explains the quick and easy way to run RethinkDB as a microservice attached to your Heroku app.

First, sign up for free alpha at

Then install the add-on and CLI plugin:

heroku addons:create dockhero
heroku plugins:install dockhero

Now generate dockhero-compose.yml using our repository of examples:

heroku dh:generate rethinkdb

The stack depends on two environment variables which we should set within Heroku:

heroku config:set RETHINKDB_PASSWORD=<db connection password>
heroku config:set RETHINKDB_ADMIN_PASSWORD=<admin UI password>

Now we're ready to launch the stack using docker-compose:

heroku dh:compose up -d

You should be able to open admin UI in the browser and login with admin:RETHINKDB_ADMIN_PASSWORD credentials

heroku dh:open https

Connecting from Heroku

The address of RethinkDB host is exposed to DOCKHERO_HOST environment variable. Here is a Ruby example using NoBrainer ORM:

NoBrainer.configure do |config|
  config.rethinkdb_urls = ["rethinkdb://admin:#{ENV.fetch('RETHINKDB_PASSWORD')}@#{ENV.fetch('DOCKHERO_HOST')}:28015/<dbname>"]

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