Railgun by Cloudflare

With Cloudflare's Railgun you can decrease your Heroku app’s load time across the world by 2-3 times.


Railgun is only available on Business plan.

We assume your Heroku app is already configured to use CloudFlare DNS and CDN features.

You'll need a Railgun Activation Key. Copy it from your CloudFlare Account Settings and assign to RAILGUN_ACTIVATION_KEY Heroku config variable

My Subscriptions page

heroku config:set RAILGUN_ACTIVATION_KEY=xxxxxxxxx

Running the stack

heroku addons:create dockhero
heroku plugins:install dockhero

heroku dh:generate railgun    # this generates dockhero-compose.yml
heroku dh:compose up -d

Now turn on Railgun for your entire Cloudflare domain. Click “Test” button to make sure everything works.

Alt text

That's it. Try sending requests to your app via CloudFlare domain name. Cf-Railgun HTTP header should appear on all of the responses from your app.

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