Dockhero CLI plugin

Companion CLI plugin to work with Dockhero Heroku addon


heroku plugins:install dockhero


The plugin provides wrappers around docker and docker-compose commands.

 heroku dh:docker  <command> #  wrapper around docker command
 heroku dh:compose <command> #  wrapper around docker-compose command

Docker will be configured to work with Dockhero.

docker-compose will also receive these additional arguments:

  --file dockhero-compose.yml  -  to adjust the name of the stackfile
  --project-name dockhero  -  to make docker-compose project name independent from the current directory

The plugin provides these helper commands:

  dh:generate <name>  #  generates dockhero-compose.yml with a pre-defined stack 
  dh:env      #  downloads TSL certificates prints out the environment variables to work with Dockhero Swarm
  dh:sh       #  run local shell with environment configured for Dockhero Swarm
  dh:ssh      #  SSH to the Docker machine
  dh:open     #  opens your Dockhero stack in the browser
  dh:wait     #  waits while the provisioning is in progress

See available generators for dh:generate command

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